Andrea grows:15 interactive webcomic panels as non-fungible tokens on the NEAR blockchain


'We also see as very important the fact that NEAR is a proof of stake chain, and therefore does not have the high levels of energy waste that proof of work chains like Ethereum do.'


'Andrea grows' was made possible thanks to Mintbase DAO, which is funding and helping its development.

Here's an extract from the grant proposal:

The drawings will be published first as black and white pencil sketches.

When someone buys one NFT, the inked and coloured version of that panel will be created and airdropped to the same wallet.

In this way, buying the panels makes the story get written.


This Mintbase DAO grant will fund the first page of the comic, and all the other pages will then get funded as the previous pages get bought.

We are calling this funding method for comics “peek & buy” because you can peek at the black and white sketch, and when it gets bought the finished coloured panel comes to life.


As the panels get bought, they will be also published on a website as an easy place for everybody to read and interact with the story.'